Hair Services

Hair Extension Installation Service:
The type of  installation technique for each client will be decided after a consultation. Everyone has différent need and hair texture and a consultation will allow us to offer you the best service

The installation Service Includes :
  • Luxury 100% Human Hair
  • Installation
  • Custom cut for extension blending
  • Finishing and Styling

Maintenance Services includes :
  • Removal of current Hair Extension
  • Washing the hair ($)
  • Reinstallation of the same extension with new tool
  • Custom Cut and blending
  • Finishing and Styling
Wig Spa Services:
Our Wig Spa Services is one of the kind

We will give a spa treatement to your wig and this services includes:
  • Detangling the wig
  • Fixing any unsewing that may occur on the wig
  • Add hair to missing hair spot
  • Restoring the Wig in Hot Steam Deep Treatement
  • Washing the Wig
  • Styling , Cutting and finishing look on the Wig